22 November 1963 :
A Brief Guide to the JFK Assassination

22 November 1963: A Brief Guide to the JFK Assassination

This readable and fully referenced account of the JFK assassination concentrates on the important questions, ignoring the mass of poorly supported speculation that makes the subject confusing for many people.

The book explains, among other things:

  • the case against Lee Harvey Oswald, and why he was the only official suspect;
  • why the investigation of the assassination ceased almost immediately after Oswald’s murder, two days after President Kennedy’s;
  • the importance of Oswald’s apparent visit to Mexico City in the summer of 1963;
  • the problems with the lone–gunman theory and the main conspiracy theories;
  • and how the political context of Kennedy’s presidency reveals who may or may not have been behind the assassination.

22 November 1963 will not tell you who killed President Kennedy, but it will show you the best way to think about the question so that you can make up your own mind.

Paperback and Ebook Editions

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Ebook — Extra Features

The ebook editions contain more than 500 web links to sources such as witness testimony and experts’ technical reports. It is perhaps the first JFK assassination ebook to allow readers to check the essential documentation for themselves.

Free Download

Sample chapters are available for download free of charge (PDF, 270 KB).


  • Author: Jeremy Bojczuk.
  • Publisher: Boxgrove Publishing, October 2014.
  • Cover design, typesetting, and ebook coding: Lab 99 Web Design.


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